Instructions for Use

The Instructions for Use below outlines the complete procedure for loading & insertion of Silverline Cu 380 Ag / 200 Ag.

It covers the following points:

  1. Points of caution
  2. Preparing the user
  3. Loading & Insertion Steps
  4. Removal Instructions
  5. Mechanism of Action
  6. Follow up guidelines for physicians
  7. Contraindications

Click to download: Silverline Cu 380 Ag Instructions for Use (4.5 MB PDF)

Click to download: Silverline Cu 200 Ag Instructions for Use (3.7 MB PDF)


Keep in a cool place; avoid direct sunlight, water and heavy impact.

Silverline is being produced to meet the International Standards and have been used by millions of Asian families.

Shelf Life

Shelf life of Silverline Cu 380 Ag & Cu 200 Ag is 5 years from the date of insertion.

Mechanism Of Action

Various hypothesis have been advanced over the years about the mechanism of action of IUD’s including interference with sperm transport, ovum transport or development, fertilization and implantation. Until 1980’s it was believed that IUD worked mainly by causing an inflammatory response to a foreign body in uterus thereby interfering with implantation of a fertilized egg in uterine wall. The consensus on informed opinion has now changed. It is now believed that Copper IUD’s prevent fertilization by reducing the number and viability of sperm reaching the egg, and by impending the number and movement of eggs in the uterus. The continuous release of copper from coils of Silverline Cu 200 Ag/380 Ag into uterine cavity is supposed to enhance the contraceptive effect of IUD.

Insertion Steps

  • Open the pouch till half way to the flange.
  • Free the suture thread from flange
  • Hold the tube firmly with one hand and pull the suture threads and draw the device into the insertion tube
  • Steady the yellow flange with one hand and move the insertion tube to adjust as per uterine depth.
  • Make sure the lower rim of yellow flange is at the measured uterine depth and note the upper rim as in case of Copper T 380A
  • Hold the threads slightly stretched with one hand and put the solid rod into the insertion tube to almost touch the bottom of the pulled in frame.
  • Now Silverline is now ready for insertion
  • Peel the remaining cover of pouch and lift the loaded insertion tube, keeping it horizontal so the frame does not fall out
  • Gently introduce the "T" loaded insertion tube through the cervix canal and advance upward until yellow flange comes into contact with cervix
  • Hold the solid rod firm and stationary by one hand and withdraw the insertion tube by your free hand to touch ribbed part of solid rod
  • The arms of frame are now released from insertion tube
  • Re-advance the insertion tube until the yellow flange is touching the cervix again. This ensures fundal placement of Silverline
  • Release the frame entirely from the insertion tube by holding the solid rod firmly and drawing the insertion tube back to touch the backstop of solid rod.
  • Now gently withdraw the solid rod
  • Then withdraw insertion tube from the cervical canal
  • Next cut the threads so that they protrude only 3-4 cms out of uterus and into the vagina

Important Safety Information

Expect changes in bleeding patterns and cramps after IUD placement. These symptoms reduce after several months of usage.

Silverline cannot be used in the following conditions:

Silverline is contraindicated in women with: known or suspected pregnancy, congenital or acquired uterine anomaly, Suspected Endometriosis or infected abortion in the past 3 months; unexplained uterine bleeding; current IUD; acute pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) or history of PID, genital tract infections

PID awareness is essential. IUDs have been associated with an increased risk of PID. PID is often associated with sexually transmitted infections (STIs); Silverline does not protect against STIs, including HIV.